Growing up in New Jersey, Danny has been a sports fanatic since he was able to crawl over to the TV (remotes were not yet in vogue) and change the channel to the Yankees, Giants and Rangers games.

In High School, Danny lettered in baseball, tennis, soccer and wrestling, going to the State Finals and it was not just to watch.

Danny graduated NYU Film School and moved to Los Angeles where he now resides. He is a screenwriter and has sold three screenplays including "Mel", a children's fantasy starring Ernest Borgnine which is currently playing on Showtime's Family Channel. Additionally, he is also a published poet.

Danny recently combined his writing skills with his knowledge and love of sports and has written articles for Athlon Sports and has been a frequent contributor to the Roger Lodge and The Ticket Morning Show (1540 am) s - L.A.'s hottest morning drive time sports talk show.

And now, Danny has started this website.